Green hike in Dordogne

The Dordogne has a diversity, a wealth of landscapes and climates that make it an ideal and unparalleled place for nature lovers ...
This is the place of choice for active holidays and peace of mind.
The Dordogne is a fragile environment and canoeing can be damaging to him if certain guidelines are not followed.

Some basic principles:

  • waste: always pack up your garbage! For toilets: make a hole more than 50m from the shore.
  • bivouac: If camping is allowed or tolerated, plant your tent on a site that has already been used to mitigate the impact on the environment. Walk on existing trails.
  • fishing: If you fish, only capture the minimum necessary for your meal, or else release the surplus ...
  • campfires : if this is allowed or tolerated, make campfires on sites already used. Limit maximum volume of fire, use only dead wood.
  • Pets : Let your dog or your favorite animal at home, most of the time, pets have problems of living with wildlife.
  • Residents : wherever you go, you will not be alone. Respect fishermen and river users, they have as much legitimacy as you frequent these spaces ...

But what pleasure, overnight camping and mobile meals over a wood fire gives a touch of adventure to this hike canoe open to all, the total change program!
Far from the daily organization of hassle, stress ... you browse, admire the river adventures size!