Family hikes in Dordogne

"It's always up to you all"
an approach hiking with children ...

canoe trip with the kids? But it's dangerous, it's long! They will get bored, how do you go to the toilet?
And sleep? What will we eat ? Will we have TV? And blah, blah, blah.

From the family for a week, along a quiet river, taking the time to live to the rhythm of the water flowing.


We went over the Dordogne for ten days on the classic route 180kms 3 adults too experienced in canoes and four children aged 12, 11, 10 and 5 years. All in three boats hiking with luggage. Roman, 5 years always wore a vest with enhanced buoyancy and floating neck strap to keep his head above water.
Quickly, he refused to leave it, even for a dip!
The risk is greatly limited, and if a passage turns tense, you can always get a piece of river walk ...
About walking, both in the water and on the banks, closed shoes are required to avoid disappointments of all kinds cuts, splinters ...

Tip: carry rods mounted, including the earthworm dry on the hook, because you never know when they get the urge to tease bleak.

Everyone had a bottle in his name.
This trip is one of a team with desires and abilities that are unique to each individual.
The fast flowing towards the sea, forests thicken the night, the fire camp wavering under the moon, observing the course of the stars, the cry of the owl or the trout that are means swallow mouth full life, these moments, the children do not forget.
"When do we set out again the river? "